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Turnagain Arm is a wonderful place to sightsee. The Seward Highway travels adjacent to and north of the the inlet. The Turnagain Arm mud flats might look inviting, but beware, it turns to a quicksand like substance when covered with water. The glacier silt is cold and if a person becomes stuck they can become exhausted trying to free themselves. These spring 2012 images show that most of the ice has melted into small chunks. I included some abstract and patterns in nature images. The mountains are within the Kenai Range.

I enjoy using my Nikon DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens with my Nikon D7000. This is my first zoom. The lens produces convex horizons when the camera was not level. I learned that with a precisely leveled tripod and camera there are no concave or convex horizons. I use Lightroom to level convex and concave horizons or verticals.
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