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These March 2016 images were taken around Glennallen, Alaska in the Copper River Valley that is 180 road miles east of Anchorage. The photos were taken from the Glenn and Richardson Highways. The snow was to deep to travel off road. I am not sure which is which but the blue mountains include Mt. Drum, Mt. Wrangell, Mt. Sanford and Mt. Zanetti. The brown hills surround the Matanuska Glacier and are part of the Chugach Mountains. There is very little travel around Glennallen during the winter. You can travel twenty miles and not see another vehicle.

I used my surveyor tripod to take these images with my Nikon D7000 and 55-200mm f/4.0-5.6 lens. The lens is a consumer model, but I liked using it because it was light and small in size. My ISO was set for 100 and all the photos were taken at f/11 for depth of focus. I have learned to check for water spots on my lens on a continuous basis, but not on this trip. The skies had spots that I had to remove with Lightroom. I have learned to keep my camera and lens protected from the weather.
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