7 photos

These images were taken at night in downtown Anchorage, Alaska in October 2012. Night images are unpredictable and produce surprising results. In the winter Anchorage has ice sculptures to enjoy. Long exposures did not record people talking through the scenes. Shorter exposure times blurred humans walking through a scene, which is a nice effect.

I used my heavy surveyor tripod as the exposures were around ½ second. Night photography provides many color variations so I used an auto white balance setting on my Nikon D7000. I shot both RAW and JPEG images. I found out that RAW files provides more metadata to work with in post processing. Shadows can be lightened in RAW images without producing a lot of noise. RAW files have expanded color and tonal ranges.
2012 Night Lights-92012 Night Lights-22012 Night Lights-12012 Night Lights-32012 Night Lights-72012 Night Lights-42012 Night Lights-10