These images were taken around Whittier, Alaska in Prince William Sound during June 2012. Whittier is at the southern end of the Alaska Railroad and is surrounded by Chugach National Forest. The railroad travels through the one-lane 2.5 mile Whittier Tunnel. The Alaska Marine Highway provides winter and summer service to Whittier. Most of the photos were taken when my friend Waska and I were fishing for halibut, cod, salmon and scrimp. The Hewes 220 boat is owned by Waska. We have been lucky to boat mostly on bright sunny days with calm waters.

I shot most of these images in JPEG. We boated with my heavy surveyor 16 pound tripod. My Nikon D7000 was combined with my Nikon DX 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens. I used an f/11 aperture to gain depth of field. The sun takes a long time to set in the summer in Alaska. The low angle golden color was available for three hours. A lot of the images were taken between 9-11:30 pm. Alaska’s long days provides enough sun light to photograph for 20 hours or so. I had to delete a lot of images taken from the boat because wave movement produced blurry images. I believe my sharpest photos were taken when the boat was on the high point of a wave.
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