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These images were taken during the summer in Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage, Alaska. Sometimes the greens are so bold that colors look overblown. This summer I concentrated on taking macro images to experiment with focus planes and depths of field.

The dandelions were shot with my Nikon D600 and Nikon 105mm f/2.8 micro that was positioned a little over a foot above the white seed heads. I changed focus planes for different results. In the first dandelion image I focused for the top of the seed pedestals. In the second white dandelion image I focused on the pods in the middle of the seed head. Did not notice the spider on the violet flower until I viewed the image on the computer screen. The mushroom also included an insect. The fly on the yellow dandelion was specifically placed into the focus plane. There are always flies around yellow dandelions due to the abundant nectar. The focus depth for the fly on the green leaf was probably 2/10 inch at f/5.6. It seems there are always insects within macro scenes. Most of the f-stops for the macro images were f/6.3-8.0 with an ISO of 200. I used my two foot height surveyor tripod to position the lens close to the subjects on the ground. I plant the pointed legs into the ground for a very secure base.
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