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Eagle River Road is a wonderful place to photography. The Nature Center at the end of the Eagle River Road has nature learning sessions most every weekend. My friend, Lester Pete, and I drove into the valley to take pictures. It was a very overcast day with little contrast. The light had a very blue tint to it because the valley is shaded by a mountain range. Heavily shaded subjects can sometimes appear too blue and colors need to be warmed with Lightroom’s white balance control.

I used my surveyor tripod to keep my images sharp and a small aperture for depth of field. A tripod allows for long exposures without camera shake. I use a wireless remote to execute the shutter. I was testing Auto ISO control setting on my Nikon D810. Auto IOS allows you to lock in a F-stop and shutter speed and the camera will automatically vary the ISO for proper exposure. My camera selected ISO 1600 most of the time, which is too grainy for my taste. I did not need to use the automatic setting since I was using a tripod that captures sharp images during long exposures. I do not need this feature for tripod photography, but may use the ISO automatic setting for photographing people.
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