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The first two Iditarod Sled Dog mushers arrived in Nome, Alaska at night, which was bone chilling cold. Aliy Zirkle (Bib 13) was the first musher to arrive in Nome during the day on March 15, 2016. People eating breakfast headed outside when the arrival siren alerted people that dog teams were approaching. The dogs looked healthy and happy after their long journey.

It was 13o F, but the sun was bright and it seemed warmer. People were displaying their parka ruffs. Locals and visitors were wearing their fur hats, skin boots and beaded gloves. I saw wolf, beaver, seal skin, fox, wolverine, sea and land otter, lynx and bear garments.

It is hard to get a clear image of a musher after media crews swarm around mushers entering the fenced-off finish chute. It would be nice if mushers were allowed to stand alone in the chute so people could photograph them without the surrounding crowd. The change of photographing a waiving and smiling musher would be worth the wait.

I used my Nikon 70-200mm f/4 lens with my Nikon D810 to photograph people waiting for mushers. I used a monopod to keep camera shake to a minimum. It was a bright day and the contrast was high. Many of my images of people’s faces were overexposed with blown-out highlights. In the future I will underexpose facial shots in bright light so highlights are not over blown. I will remove any photo upon request by contacting me at 907-240-1025 or bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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