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It was a bright and warm day for the 43rd annual Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. The event has a 5K and full and half marathons. Timed results show that 2,712 runners crossed the finish line. People from 50 states and 16 countries participated. Paul Rottich won the men’s marathon in 2:28:17. Trina PaStarr (image 26) won the women’s marathon in 3:19:56. This was PaStarr’s first marathon. Derek Gibson finished first in the men’s half marathon at 1:13:13. Edwin Kangogo (image 5) was two seconds behind, very close. Jennifer Fleming won the women’s half marathon at 1:27:12. Mary Dell (image 2) finished first in the women’s 5K at 16:44.

I did not make it to the start of the full or half marathon starts, which is the best time to photograph runners. I had to wait until runners arrived at the finish line. I mostly photographed people watching the races. The bright light produced high contrast photos with harsh shadows. It is not easy to capture correct exposures in stark light. I underexposed images to prevent blowing out highlights, but many images still had bright areas that required me to lower highlights and increase shadows in Lightroom. A lot of images; however, were unusable due to high contrast light.
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