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These images were taken on New Year's Eve 2016 at the Town Square in Anchorage, Alaska. There was no snow, streets were icy and the weather was too warm. Plenty of revelers came out to see the fireworks and local bands. New Year’s Eve is a family event in Anchorage. Kids were all over the place enjoying dancers, jugglers and food truck dining. Adults were socializing at the beer garden.

Night photography produces many shades of color because of mixed lighting sources. Night colors can seem exaggerated. Town Square lighting has orangish, yellowish and greenish tints. Faces look okay under the orangish tint, but terrible under the greenish color.

I used a monopod to take these images since exposures were between 1/25 and ½ seconds at ISO 3200-6400. My Nikon D810 allows me to use high ISOs and still acquire images with acceptable noise. I use Lightroom to reduce ISO noise in images. I sometimes keep some noise in photos as removing too much grain produces images that look too soft. At times grain helps to make images appear sharper. I had to delete many images from my new year’s eve library since long exposures allowed blur from moving subjects.

I will remove any photo upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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