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The Running of the Reindeer is a fun event held during the Fur Rendezvous in Anchorage, Alaska each year. Rondy is like Anchorage’s Mardi Gras. These images were taken during a snowless winter day in March 2016. People wear costumes while running with the Reindeer. It is a whacky and fun event. A few women wore bikinis-goose bumps and all. Even though it was too warm for furs people still wore their handmade wolf, wolverine, otter, beaver, fox and martin hats, earmuffs and coats. A martin hat can cost up to $500.

I used my Nikon D810 and Nikon 70-200mm f/4 telephoto lens with a monopod to photograph people. I focus on taking images of individuals watching an event more so than the participants. I would say the photos are of typical Alaskans. I see many of the same people every year at Rondy. We still do not have a lot of sun in March so the low-intensity light requires high ISOs. It was a cloudy day so exposures were fairly long, usually under 1/100. I focus on people eyes. If the eyes are not sharp I remove the image from my photo library. However, this rule can be broken. If a person has closed eyes that imparts a reflective moment the image can be very expressive. I will remove any photo upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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