18 photos

Autumn in Russian Jack Springs Park provides many subjects to photograph such as berries, mushrooms, frozen water patterns and leaves. When you take close ups of subjects on the ground it seems there are always insects in the image whether you see them or not. These are low resolution photos, but if you look there is are insects on a leaf, ice and berry. I added a few patterns in nature images.

These photos were taken with my D7000 and an assortment of lens. A lot of the close ups were taken with an old Nikon 55mm micro lens from the 1970s. It is made of metal and rock solid. Others images were taken with a Nikon 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom. I purchased both lens used and learned a lot from experimenting with them. Later I upgraded to professional lenses. I used my regular and miniature surveyor tripods to guarantee sharp images with long exposures of 1/8 second. Some of the close up images were taken with help of a micro focusing rail. I purchased an inexpensive rail to test if exact focus was easier to acquire. I found out I that a focusing rail is hard to calibrate and my images were no sharper than when I used a stand along macro lens. I learned that preventing camera movement is important in macro photography or your images will not be sharp. It can take a long time to set up the tripod, extension arm and ballhead to place the camera it the right location for the perfect shot. Just a little camera shake at micro distances produces blurred images. Sharpness is critical in macro photography. I use manual focus for accuracy.
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