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I took the 5-hour trip from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska by rail to photograph the Mt. Marathon race. The Alaska Railroad stated it was once of the fullest trains of the season with 500 passengers. The railroad makes stops for people along the rail that flag down the train. I was hard to take photographs because all the open spaces between cars were full of passengers taking photographs. I tried to keep out of everyone’s way. People were courteous and would only occupy the open space for a short time. I never found out about the open space at the back of the train until late in the trip. The rear of the train provides a better photographic platform.

I used my D810 with my 24-120mm f/4 zoom. I needed a wide angle lens to minimize camera shake and movement of the train. With a telephoto lens the slightest movement or vibration is magnified. I shot most of my images handheld at f/8 or f/11. I used ISO 640 traveling to Seward and ISO 1600 coming back to Anchorage. The higher ISO allowed me to use higher shutter speeds, which gave me sharper images.
Seward Train-1Seward Train-2Seward Train-4Seward Train-5Seward Train-6Seward Train-7Seward Train-8Seward Train-9Seward Train-10Seward Train-11Seward Train-12