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The weather was warm for the 2016 Alaska Run for Women in Anchorage, Alaska. The event raises funding for breast cancer awareness. There are 1-mile and 5-mile races. Close to 5,000 women participated in the event. Denali Strabel (image 13) was the winner of the timed 5-mile run. The event raised close to $140,000. Women were smiling and having fun visiting with each other. Kids were all over the place. Kaladi Brothers provided free coffee for everyone and is a prime example of a company that provides resources to the community.

I used my D600 Nikon with my 70-200mm f/4 lens on a monopod. I used a f/4 aperture to keep depth of field narrow to emphasize women’s faces and blur backgrounds. My average shutter was 1/400 of a second. I needed ISO 400 in the early part of the morning and ISO 200 after the day brighten. I was cloudy so exposures were consistent due to the flat light. I will remove any photo upon request at bartz@englishoephotography.com or 907-240-1025.
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