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The Gold Nugget Triathlon is held every May in Anchorage, Alaska. Women swim 500 yards first, then bike 12 miles and end up running 4.1 miles. Kinsey Laine (Bib 1) from Fairbanks finished first in a time of 1:04:23. Amber Stull (Bib 3) finished second. Seven mother, daughter and grandmother teams raced in 2017. Close to 1,600 competitors run the race.

Many athletes wore bright florescent running gear which reflected odd looking colors onto faces. A yellow-greenish tinted runner is not very appealing. I was not able to used many images due to colorcasts. I used my Nikon D600 to photograph the triathlon. I was disappointed after reviewing my images on my computer. Most of my photographs were out of focus. I learned later the camera’s focus screen had shifted. I should have known there was a focus problem as many of my images captured the day before the race seemed to be soft. I had the camera repaired. I will remove any photo upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com 0r 907-240-1025.
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