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The Mayor's Marathon is run each year during the summer solstice in Anchorage, Alaska. On June 17 the sun appeared at 4:19 am and set at 11:42 pm. The sun gives people energy. The marathon had 388 men and 290 women racers in 2017. People also participated in individual and buddy half-marathons and a 5K. Solstice activities keep Anchorage residents busy or at least the people not fishing.

It was a bright day and there was a lot of stark contrasty light. Many images had blown out highlights even though I underexposed the photographs to compensate for high contrast light. Diffused light is so much better for photographing people. I used a monopod with my Nikon D7000 and 70-20mm f/4 lens to capture people's images. My Nikon D600 light sensor handles high contrast scenes better than my D7000, but it was being repaired.

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