15 photos

People were having fun at the 2014 Making Strides for Anchorage Cancer Walk. These images were taken during a chilly day at the beginning of fall. Had to dress warm. Pink was the color of the day. It is surprising how much pink clothing influences the color of people’s faces. I used Lightroom to remove pink tint from facial images.

I shot RAW with my Nikon D600 and a monopod. It was cloudy and dark so I used an ISO of 400. The diffused light stayed at a consistent lamination and most of my exposures were 1/60 at f/4. Flat light is good for portraits. The soft light had little contract and images were easy to enhance in Lightroom. I will remove any image upon request at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
Cancer Walk-1Cancer Walk-2Cancer Walk-3Cancer Walk-4Cancer Walk-5Cancer Walk-6Cancer Walk-8Cancer Walk-17Cancer Walk-11Cancer Walk-15Cancer Walk-24Cancer Walk-29Cancer Walk-27Cancer Walk-28Cancer Walk-34