18 photos

These images were taken of supporters waiting to see President Obama during his trip to Anchorage, Alaska in August 2015. People were excited and standing outside the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in anticipation. It was a bright sunny day with a helicopter flying overhead and Secret Service agents watching for any signs of danger. People were disappointed they did not get to see the President as he was secretly driven into the Dena’ina Center.

I have included group shots of people, but I prefer photographing individuals. I focus on people’s faces. I try to show the expression in their eyes, which require sharp pinpoint focus. Alaskans are typical Americans, but also unique looking. We may not be urban chic in our dress, but we look good in flannel, Carhartts and furs. We know how to catch salmon, ski the steepest slopes and avoid bears and moose. Women’s hair was flying all over the place. I will remove any image upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.