12 photos

These photographs were taken in 2011 at Hatcher Pass (Elevation 3886 feet), which is located north of Palmer, Alaska. The pass in located on the south end of the Talkeetna Mountains. The old Independence Mine provides many photographic opportunities because of the well-preserved buildings. Hatcher Pass has wonderful trails and is great for cross country skiing. It is a winter wonderland. Hundreds of local residents pick berries in the fall along with hungry brown bears fattening up for hibernation.

I shot most of these images on my Nikon D7000 in vivid mode which produces harsh looking colors. The greens produced by JPEGs ended up being too bright and florescent looking. I now shoot in RAW with a neutral setting with zero sharpening. I sharpen my images within Lightroom. I use an inexpensive monopod to keep camera shake to a minimum. You definitely get sharper images with a monopod.