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It was a chilly 32° F at the 2014 Heart Run in Anchorage, Alaska. Young and old were having fun in. Everyone was smiling. There were large groups of people running together. The heart run has timed and untimed races. Heart disease survivors wear special baseball caps during the event. I mostly concentrate on photographing individuals. To me group images are not as interesting. My goal is to show the world what Alaskans look like. Great Harvest Bread Company provided free wedges of hardy bread. Kaladi Brothers warmed everyone up with free coffee and hot cocoa. More than $260,000 in donations were collected for the American Heart Association.

It was cloudy with diffused light so acquiring the correct exposures for human faces was not difficult. I used spot metering to expose the face and spot focusing to make sure people’s eyes were sharp. The race started early and the dim light required ISO 320. The ISO setting allowed me to use a fast shutter speed to stop subject movement. Later I used ISO 100 when the sky brightened. I used f/4 to keep the the background out-of-focus. I will remove any photography upon request at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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