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People were enjoying the 4th of July (2014) celebrations in Anchorage, Alaska. Kids and dogs were specially excited. Though many residents travel outside Anchorage for fishing and recreation there are a few of us that stay in town. The parade is small but people were enjoying the event. Every type of person you can imagine were at the 4th of July festival.

I used ISO 125 since it was bright outside. Even with this low ISO I was able to use shutter speeds between 1/400 and 1/800. I used a telephoto lens on my Nikon D600. I used spot metering and spot focusing, but for some reason a lot of my images were soft, maybe blurry. I believe I was to hurried to concentrate on my focusing and shutter release techniques. There was a lot of good food so a full stomach may have contributed to my messy technique. I will remove any photograph upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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