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My friend Waska and I visited Eklutna Lake in November 2015. The lake is located 20 miles northeast of Anchorage off the Glenn Highway. Anchorage receives its drinking water from the water body. There was very little snow, no ice in the lake and it was in the warm. The mountains had a couple of inches of snow, very unusually for the area. Global warming is real and people’s industrial activities are warming the arctic to an extreme degree. There was a heavy overcast of clouds with no contrast. All the colors seemed muted with no divergence of tone, but bestowed unique hues I had never see before. The overcast skies allowed the lake surface to produce nice reflections. Some of the reflections were right down strange.

I used my Nikon D810 and Nikon 70-200mm f/4 lens attached to surveyor tripod to take all the images. The grown was frozen and the tripod leg spikes were stamped into the ice for a secure base for the long exposures needed for small apertures being used for depth of field.
Eklutna Lake-2Eklutna Lake-3Eklutna Lake-4Eklutna Lake-5Eklutna Lake-6Eklutna Lake-8Eklutna Lake-9