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Arctic Valley is a small family ski area 10 miles north-east of Anchorage, Alaska. Sometimes it is referred to as Alpenglow. It is a very scenic area and a wonderful place for outdoor activities. The road to the ski area first travels through trees and then treeless alpine tundra. There are many trails that lead to the rugged topography of the Chugach Mountains. These images were taken in October 2011 on a very cloudy day with very little contrast. The overcast weather revealed colors in the mountains that I had never seen before. Two of the images are of the Anchorage bowl.

When I photograph landscapes I use a f/8 or f/11 apertures for depth of field. I believe these two apertures give me the sharpest images. Nevertheless, I have used f/16 to f/22 for maximum range of focus and I saw very little image softening due to light diffraction caused by small f-stops. However, I was not looking at large prints produced from the images. I imagine that with todays professional lenses that the diffraction level is small. Image sharpness probably has more to do with camera movement than aperture size. For landscapes I always use my surveyor tripod that I converted for photography use. It provides me with a very solid base for long exposures required with ISO 100. I used a wireless remote to activate the shutter.
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