15 photos

These images were taken during a halibut fishing trip to Homer, Alaska in August 2015. Homer is a five-hour drive south of Anchorage. Homer is a tourist and fishing community. The small boat harbor is the home to many vessels and is located on the 4.5 mile long Homer Spit. All Alaska roads end in Homer and the community is known as the halibut fishing capital of the world. We had planned to fish at Anchor Point but the weather conditions were dangerous. My friend Waska has a Hewes 220 that handles the waters of Kachemak Bay well.
Homer Spit-2Homer Spit-8Homer Spit-4Homer Spit-5Homer Spit-6Homer Spit-9Homer Spit-11Homer Spit-10Homer Spit-12Homer Spit-13Homer Spit-16Homer Spit-15Homer Spit-17Seldovia-1Seldovia-2