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I live next door to Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage, Alaska. We are having a cool summer with a lot of rain. The grass and bushes are the highest I have ever seen them in the park. The woodlands were so thick it was hard to capture interesting landscapes. The dark green color of vegetation in the park this year has a fake artificial look to it so I concentrated on macro photography. Here are a few flower images.

All these images were taken with either my Nikon D600 or D810 with a Nikon 105mm micro lens. I always use a tripod for closeups to prevent camera vibrations. To keep camera movement to a minimum I use a wireless remote with the camera's exposure delay mode that locks the mirror-up and waits 1-3 seconds before exposing the image. I like to use ISO 100, but used ISOs of 200-800 so I could use small apertures for depth of field. My tripod allowed allow me to use exposures of around ¼ second.
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