15 photos

Russian Jack Park in Anchorage, Alaska offer may macro photography opportunities.
Insects are always part of closeup images except if it is windy or chilly. I used to be surprised to see insects in my images. Not anymore. Now a wait for insects to fly into the scene.

I used my Nikon D810 and Nikon 105mm lens attached to a tripod to capture these images. I manually focus. I keep apertures around f/5.6 when photographing insects to gain shutter speed. Most of these images were captured at 1/60. A few were taken at 1/8 second. Insects do not remain motionless and you have to take multi-exposures to catch a sharp image.
Russian Insect-1Russian Insect-2Russian Insect-3Russian Insect-4Russian Insect-5Russian Insect-6Russian Insect-7Russian Insect-8Russian Insect-9Russian Insect-10Russian Insect-11Russian Insect-12Russian Insect-13Russian Insect-14Russian Insect-15