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Russian Jack Springs Park is next to my home. These images were taken in the spring of 2015. Anchorage did not have a winter so plants were blooming early. Trees turn green quickly in Anchorage because of our 18 hours plus of sun light. The 300 acres provides many ecosystems to explore. During my walks in the park small objects catch my eye more than landscapes since the green foliage is sometimes to green and does not look real. The park has a small golf course that is used year round, even in the winter.

I took a lot of micro shots this spring season. Whether photographing landscapes or close ups I use a tripod with a remote shutter release to keep camera movement to a minimum. I use a large reflector for fill light and to protect subjects from the wind. I use homemade clamps secured stable object to keep subjects from moving. For example, I clip the branch under a leaf to keep both from moving because of wind. I have found that in the morning there is less wind to worry about. Sometimes I have to take 5 or 6 shots of a close up object to get a motionless subject, These photos are low resolution for web viewing.
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