10 photos

These 2015 images were taken in Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage, Alaska. It rained all autumn and the park was grey and cloudy. There were no colorful leaves, just brown foliage.

I shoot macro subjects with my Nikon 105 mm f/2.8 micro lens. I use a tripod since camera movement is noticeable in close up photography. Even miniscule camera shake is visible in macro images. Sometimes long exposures are required. I carry white foldable reflectors that I clip to my tripod for fill-light.

Almost every macro shot includes insects. Sometimes I did not see them, but I usually wait until an insect or two land on the macro subject. I watched the slug eat five insects. The slug probably emits a smell that appeals to insects. A daddy long leg spider investigated the slug but lost interest. The photographs of the Chugach Mountains were taken from within the park looking east.
2015 Russian Jack Fall-12015 Russian Jack Fall-22015 Russian Jack Fall-32015 Russian Jack Fall-42015 Russian Jack Fall-82015 Russian Jack Fall-92015 Russian Jack Fall-112015 Russian Jack Fall-122015 Russian Jack Fall-142015 Russian Jack Fall-15