14 photos

These images were taken during the grey and cloudy Winter we had in Anchorage, Alaska in 2015. Russian Jack Springs Park does not have a lot of recreational use in the winter even thought it is centrally location in Anchorage. My dogs and I are free to roam the whole park alone on many days.

The world of small objects in the park provides many opportunities for me to use my Nikon D810 and Nikon 105mm micro lens. I use a surveyor tripod modified for photography to photograph small objects, patterns in nature, insects, berries and mushrooms. Tree leaves have interesting patterns that photograph nicely. Ice patterns attract people attention.
2015 Russian Jack-Winter-12015 Russian Jack-Winter-32015 Russian Jack-Winter-42015 Russian Jack-Winter-52015 Russian Jack-Winter-62015 Russian Jack-Winter-72015 Russian Jack-Winter-82015 Russian Jack-Winter-112015 Russian Jack-Winter-122015 Russian Jack-Winter-142015 Russian Jack-Winter-152015 Russian Jack-Winter-162015 Russian Jack-Winter-172015 Russian Jack-Winter-20