17 photos

These are Turnagain Arm images taken during several trips in the spring of 2011. The inlet travels from Anchorage south to Portage. Portage Glacier is 5 miles southeasterly of the southern tip of Turnagain Arm. I was lucky to be able to photograph on such sunny days. Many times the inlet is overcast. These are some of the first images I took with my new Nikon D7000 that I acquired in December 2010. Before I used a point and shoot digital camera that awakened my interest in photography. I enjoy photographing patterns in nature.

I use the lowest ISO feasible to ensure the best quality images. Low ISOs retain more detail and produce little noise. I shot in JPEG at a medium quality setting. JPEGs should be set to the highest quality setting as there is more photographic data to work with in post processing. I purchased a low-cost monopod because my hand held photos were soft from shutter release shake. I braced myself against solid objects and try to breath right, but my photographs are not as sharp as monopod images. I used center-weighted average metering, which produced good results.