15 photos

Anchorage produced a lot of rain this summer. Russian Jack Springs Park usually has a large assortment of mushroom. It seems fungi would flourish in wet weather, but this summer mushrooms appear one day and a couple of days later they are gone. They shrink in size and waste away. A few mushrooms dissolved into a jelly kike substance. Park areas that usually have countless mushroom were barren this summer.

Macro subjects need to be sharp to be appealing to viewers. To prevent camera movement, I used a homemade ground tripod that is a heavy brass plate with leg spikes and small ballhead. A stable tripod and wireless remote allow me to used long exposures with large f/8 to F/11 apertures. All these macro images were taken with a Nikon 105mm F/4 micro lens.
Russian Jack Insects-1Russian Jack Insects-2Russian Jack Insects-3Russian Jack Insects-4Russian Jack Insects-5Russian Jack Insects-6Russian Jack Insects-7Russian Jack Insects-8Russian Jack Insects-9Russian Jack Insects-10Russian Jack Insects-11Russian Jack Insects-12Russian Jack Insects-13Russian Jack Insects-14Russian Jack Insects-15