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Each year Anchorage has a week-long equality celebration with special events. Theses images were taken during the PrideFest parade in June 2015 in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Several events were being held on the Delaney Park Strip. Alaskans generally support the gay community except for the conservative politicians which are always trying to strip rights from people they do not understand.

I used my Nikon D600 and 70-200mmf/4 lens with a monopod to take these images. People attending PrideFest events seem to enjoy being photographed. They almost always have a smile on their face. I use a monopod to keep my images sharp. I abhor losing a good image because of camera shake. I do not post images that are not in focus, especially the eyes. Eyes tell the story. I will remove any image upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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