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President Obama visited Anchorage in August 2015. During the presidential visit people were protesting Shell Alaska operations in the Arctic. These images were taken at a protest rally on Delaney Park Strip (13 blocks long) in downtown Anchorage. Numerous Alaska Native tribal members were in the crowd voicing concerns over drilling in the Chukchi Sea. Athabascan residents of the village of Fort Yukon were expressing concern over oil activities and its negative consequents on the 197,000 caribou in the international Porcupine Caribou herd. Most Alaskans residents support oil and gas development, but want operations to be environmentally safe. I guess you would call the people in the images environmentalists and Native activists. It was a bright day that produced contrasty images. I prefer shooting people on overcast days. The soft light is flattering for portraits.

All these images were shot using my Nikon D600 and Nikon 70-200mm f/4 telephoto lens. I try to remain inconspicuous when photographing people, but my telephoto lens and monopod give me away. Most Alaskans do not mind being photographed, but if an individual has the “I do not want to be photographed” look I do not take an image. If a person has a frown on there face I delete the image from my collection of photos. I delete all images that are unflattering. I will remove any image upon request by contacting me at bartz@englishoephotography.com.
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