Zenfolio | alaska images by bartz englishoe | 2017 Russian Jack Park Berries
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Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage, Alaska produced a lot of berries this summer. The berries were colorful, but the consistent rain has created discolored leaves with dark blotches. I enjoy photographing berries but it is hard to be creative when the subjects look alike.

It is difficult to acquired sharp focus when wind is moving berry branches. I use homemade clamps to secure macro subjects, but motion can still be a problem. I use manual focus and then wait until the wind stops to take an exposure. I have had to take up to 10 exposures to capture one sharp image with the correct focal plane. Macro photography movement is accentuated so even insignificant camera vibrations or subject movement can produce soft images

I used a Nikon D810 with a 105mm f/4 attached to a tripod to captures these images in RAW. Micro lenses have very narrow depths of focus. Most of the berry images have a focus depth of 1/10 of an inch or less.
Russian Jack Berries-1Russian Jack Berries-2Russian Jack Berries-3Russian Jack Berries-4Russian Jack Berries-5Russian Jack Berries-6Russian Jack Berries-7Russian Jack Berries-8Russian Jack Berries-9Russian Jack Berries-10Russian Jack Berries-11